Turn to God for help in all matters: Scholar

Turn to God for help in all matters: Scholar

Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rahmaan

To achieve success in all matters of life here and of the life hereafter, only the Creator should be called for help.

This was the message of a lecture by popular scholar Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rahmaan as part of the lecture programme for foreign communities of the 11th session of the Ramadan Forum on Tuesday night at Al Twar. In his speech titled, Who is Allah, the scholar reminded Muslims and non-Muslims of the existence of the vast creation and urged to turn for every problem to the One who created everything.  “We should all open our hearts and minds to the reality that God Almighty, who is known as Allah in Arabic, is the Creator, Sustainer, Giver of life and death, and to Him everyone will return,” he said.

Sheikh Tauseef urged the audience to stick to the only principle all prophets and messengers were sent with.  “This is Shahada, ‘La Ilaha Illa Allah’ in Arabic, meaning there is no god worthy of worship except the One God Almighty (Allah), the solution to all problems.” “Muslims and non-Muslims are highly advised to concentrate on the oneness of God Almighty during this blessed month of Ramadan and to ask Him to purify them and guide them to the right path of all prophets and messengers,” he added, noting that the lecture is available in Urdu at www.syedtaseef.com.

Sheikh Mohammed Akbar gave a lecture in Malayalam on ‘The Religion of Mercy and Justice,’ on Wednesday.  Sheikh Omar Penalber will give a speech in Tagalog on ‘The Path to Salvation’ on Thursday. The last lecture will be delivered in English by Yusha Evans on ‘The Prophet of Mercy’ on Friday. All lectures are scheduled to begin at 10.30pm at the Al Twar Tent, situated opposite the Dubai Airport Free Zone.-Khaleejtimes