Adding cherry on top to the Leaks bullshit

WikiLeaks has leaked too many American secrets. These were the secret reports filed by the American diplomats and spies of central intelligence agency (CIA).These were US Governments Internal communication and memos which was supposed to be top secret and highly classified. The secrets which have been released in shape of a quarter million files have simply disclosed certain internal remarks by certain world leaders including the US leaders and officials. The episode did shake the entire world despite the fact that the secrets leaked by the Leaks were nothing but certain unofficial comments and memos and that were not going to change anything anywhere in the world. However, the next day of the Leaks everyone from amongst the global media stopped reporting the leaked secrets about their respective countries and started focusing on what had been leaked about other countries.

In fact, media in many countries did not report at any in the first day as to what had been leaked about their own countries, realizing supreme national interest. For instance, the quarter million leaked files are carrying a lot of mud for the Republic Of India, but no Indian newspaper or TV Channels reported anything in this regard. But unfortunately, back in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where the teachings of Islam say reproducing any information without reconfirming t he same without evidence is a sin. Almost every news paper and TV Channel ‘very generously’ reproduced everything from WikiLeaks that was against Pakistan. They did not stop here but they found it to be their prime responsibility to elaborate the insult, the embarrassment, the disgust of their own leaders without thinking for a single moment that to what extend it can jeopardize nationals interests and countries relations with friendly countries.

If some media group tried to settle it’s score with President Zardari than the other found it to be a golden opportunity to twist opposition leader Nawaz Sharif’s arms. If one Newspaper found it a fabulous opportunity to embarrass Army Chief than some TV Channel found it on amazing chance to ridicule Foreign Office. If one media organization found it a spectacular moment to embarrass Saudi’s than the other though why to fall behind to give some treatment to the UAE leadership.None of that bothered to dig out and report what the hell than was for India in the leaks? What was there for England? What was there for Israel? What was there for Moscow?And the list goes on, there entire focus remained to report what would ridicule only Pak and its strong allies in the Muslim world.The Daily Mail believes that this was a very shameful practice. The Daily Mail that is part of this media dose believes that Pak’s media Organization must start behaving in patriot manner. The Daily Mail is of a firm opinion that this about time that our media organization should put the personal grievances and commercial interests aside and start delivering to protect and promote the national interest. The Daily Mail believes that the way most of the Pak media has handled the Leaks episode it was just like adding cherry on the top to the double bullshit of WikiLeaks – Dailymailnews