Our democracy needs surgery

Numerous Pakistanis keep starving. But a starving Pakistani does not get his starvation free of charge. He pays for it and pays dearly. He pays with his blood. His starvation is a very expensive affair. The starvation sucks his blood. It keeps on sucking and sucking till all the available blood is sucked up. The starver dies. His starvation dies with him.The fellow is buried. When alive, his starvation ate him. When buried, the earthworms eat him. But the earthworms are extremely unlucky. They get only a stinking dried skin and tasteless brittle bones to eat.
Absolutely undoubtedly, we have abundant means of feeding all the starving Pakistanis. But we don’t feed them. But why don’t we feed them? Why have we granted starvation full freedom to eat them? It is a national secret known only to the Pakistanis who have the means of feeding the starvers, but who don’t feed them.The motherland keeps watching her poor sons being devoured by starvation. She also keeps watching her affluent sons who can feed her starving sons, but they don’t feed them. How miserable the mother must be! She must be lamenting: “My rich sons are killing my poor sons. I disown the killers.”
Our politicians can feed the starving masses. But instead of feeding them, they are fighting each other. Their fights remind us of the Roman gladiators. But there is a difference. The gladiators fought with swords.

But our politicians fight with their tongues. Sometimes, a tongue cuts deeper than a sword. The victim bleeds inwardly. But he does not show the wound. Showing the wound be tantamount to accepting defeat. The tongue-fighting has been in full swing for quite some time. The masses have full knowledge of the biting capabilities of the various tongues. We are a democracy. We must ask the masses which particular tongue, according to their judgement, is the sharpest tongue. The winning tongue should be awarded a national trophy.One can’t help feeling that the Devil is doing extremely flourishing business in Pakistan. He must be thankful to Pakistan for the successes he has achieved here. No doubt, he is also active in other parts of the world. But according to his own assessments, his successes in Pakistan are unprecedented. He must be thinking of abandoning his activities in other parts of the world and settling permanently in Pakistan -Nation