Pakistan – Dreams of a Better Tomorrow

Countless people being brutally killed in Karachi every day; an unruly government rampant with all forms of corruption in addition to taking on The Supreme Court with an impetuousness to evade accountability at all costs; a shattered economy collapsing under the ever increasing load of debt; common man still struggling for the very basics: “roti, kapra and makan”; quality education and healthcare facilities nonexistent in most areas of the country. More than 63 years gone & half the country lost, we are still wondering whether Pakistan should be a secular democracy, an abode of conservative/non-conservative Muslims or an outright religious theocracy.Notwithstanding, the above scenario there is still hope for a better tomorrow. Only those nations who keep their dreams and hope, aspiring to rise above their fate accompli striving for a better future for a better tomorrow are able to turn things around. We, Pakistanis are a resilient lot, capable of taking on tough challenges. Prudent leadership with the foresight and unfettered will to lead the nation by example and motivation can catalyze this whole process. “Where there is a will there is a way” they say. We need to both individually & collectively channelize our efforts towards the chosen goals. Prioritizing our goals according to their possible impact and need is integral.The task is not as complex as it seems. Top quality education, healthcare, justice & equity for all and order and food security are our primary concerns. If tackled properly the rest will improve gradually. Education is the soul of a society, which is passed from one generation to another. Top quality education for all, regardless of whoever and wherever is essential. Uniform syllabi and mode of teaching and assessing systems will equalize opportunities for all citizens of Pakistan.

State funded schools need to be better than private schools. Educating the nation is crucial as it broadens the horizons, fosters tolerance and good values whilst creating new opportunities which in turn will trigger analytical thinking and innovation.Good healthcare lays the foundation of healthy, promising citizens with fresh minds contributing effectively towards the development of a society. Government hospitals revamped with modern medical equipment and properly coached and trained staff to look after the public cannot be ignored. There is no dearth of talent in the field of medicine in Pakistan, however more research oriented work, keeping up to date with the current modern advancements should be the motto. Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital is the proof of the fact that establishing  and maintaining good health care facilities are very much possible and much needed.

What about law & order??????
Value of law justice for all in realizing the dreams for a better Pakistan, cannot be overstated as without it no society can sustain itself. Effective and quick dispensation of justice ensures harmony, peace and conformity amongst the citizens with each other and with the law of the land. An urgent reassessment of the prevalent security mechanisms and personnel is long overdue. A more thorough and professional forensic approach is vital. Accessibility, reliability and proper checks and balance for the law providers and law enforcers are imperative.

Amendment of laws in dealing and punishing those who take the law into their own hands, by taking the lives of ordinary Pakistanis, destroying their properties is urgently needed. Institutions like Police, civil bureaucracy, Rangers and rescue workers etc require rigorous training and access to modern technology and insight.

Better management of food resources is of pivotal importance. Responsible states make it their business to feed those who are unable to support themselves. State sponsored lungars with basic roti daal are easy to set up and manage. If Abdus Sattar Edhi can do it, so can the Pakistani government with the support of all the affluent citizens of Pakistan. If we curtail the criminal wastage of food that we so blatantly do in our homes, we can feed some mouths in our immediate vicinity in  an individual capacity, on regular basis. Moderation and self restraint in over indulgence in our life styles can definitely bring a change in our mind set and help take responsibility for others around us.

All is lost only when the hope and dreams of a better tomorrow are forsaken. The will to rise up to the challenges with a can do attitude and a vigorous conscience can make us go that extra mile. Nations which seize to think, to reform and rebuild and wait for others to lead them to their destiny perish with time. God helps those who help themselves and hard work coupled with faith rekindles the hope for a brighter tomorrow – Amna Iqbal