Relation With Pakistan Very Important US State Department

Relation With Pakistan Very Important US State Department

The US State Department spokesman John Kirby while briefing the newsmen in Washington on Tuesday said that every nation is independent in making decisions for the needs of defense and it is up to Pakistan to speak to how they’ll fulfil their defense needs.

John Kirby
Relation with Pakistan very important US State Department

Answering a question John Kirby said that US has very important relationship with Pakistan. “As for the relationship, as I ve said many, many times, it s an important one. It s critical, it s vital particularly in that part of the world, and it s a relationship we have absolutely no intention of losing focus on or diminishing in any way,” Kirby said. 

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We fully stand behind the kinds of support that we have provided to Pakistan over the last many years with respect specifically to their counterterrorism capabilities and counterterrorism needs, and we’re going to continue to look for ways to improve that cooperation as best we can,” Kirby said.