Eiffel Tower and surrounding park evacuated after bomb alert

Around 2,500 people have been evacuated from the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding Champ de Mars park in Paris after a bomb alert.

Police forces evacuated the Eiffel Tower and the park surrounding the Paris landmark after a bomb alert on Tuesday.

“The company managing the Eiffel Tower received an anonymous telephone call around 8:20 pm (1820 GMT),” the Paris police told AFP.
“Special units, one with sniffer dogs, went to the site to search the Eiffel Tower floor by floor,” police added. Police searches of the area are due to continue for several hours into the night.

Police said that about 2,500 people were near the Eiffel Tower – one of the most visited monuments in the world – at the time of the alert but added that they left calmly shortly before 9:00 pm (1900 GMT).

The people evacuated, mostly French and foreign tourists, were asked to stay on the nearby Seine river banks and the Champ de Mars park to the east, and the tower area was cordoned off. – France24