5 key quotes from PM Pakistan Mr.Imran Khan at Davos

5 key quotes from PM Pakistan Mr.Imran Khan at Davos

Pakistan’s economic recovery depends on the peace and stability of the region
Pakistan will with not partner any other country in military conflict

Good governance will help the country fulfil its potential.

Imran Khan took to the stage at Davos for the first time in his capacity as Prime Minister of Pakistan. He shared his vision to create a welfare state, after seeing one in action in the UK.

“This is my vision – all the policies which we make are towards that end – to make Pakistan into a humane country where the government takes the responsibility for the weaker sections of society.”

Good governance

He also stressed the importance of good governance if Pakistan is to reach its full potential.

“Sadly our governance deteriorated in the past 30 years. That is one of the biggest reasons we have not been able to fill our potential as a country. From now on my biggest challenge is how we can improve our state institutions, so we can improve our governance, so we can tap our potential.”

Avoiding conflict

He also talked about the geopolitics of the wider region and beyond, saying the country would not be able to rebuild its economy without peace and stability.

He said it was a mistake for Pakistan to have entered the War on Terror and vowed only to be a peace broker or mediator going forward.

“From now onwards Pakistan will only partner another country in peace. We would not become part of any other conflict. We would not join any other country in conflict.”

He went to say that Pakistan is helping mediate in Afghanistan. And he gave his opinion on any increased escalation of conflict between the US and Iran.

“It will be a disaster – it will cause poverty in the world – and God knows how long it may go on. I spoke to President Trump yesterday and I told him it would be a disaster for us if this war starts. In my opinion, it will be insanity.”

Caring for the planet

Finally, he spoke of his love for the beauty of his country and the need to protect the environment. To this end, he is committed to a campaign to plant 10 billion trees.

What I loved about Pakistan was its wilderness, its mountains. With age, I saw this wilderness disappearing, and the way we destroyed our forests cover. I always resolved that I would make sure that we preserve the God-given beauty of this country.”