Shameful scenes of New Year celebration in cities of britain

Shameful scenes of New Year celebration in cities of britain

New Year celebration in cities of britain
Shameful scenes of New Year celebration in cities of britain

For those that didn’t go out last night you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that you saved a fortune and didn’t end up like this.

Pictures from last night show that our drinking culture continues to get out of hand whenever there is an opportunity to let our hair down.From Swansea to Newcastle, Birmingham to Liverpool, partygoers can be seen looking drunk and dishevelled as they spilled out of bars, clubs and parties and onto the streets.In Swansea a drunken girl could be seen dragging an uprooted plant through the streets as a couple locked into a passionate embrace.

A more sober affair, meanwhile, was taking place along the Thames, as fireworks display kick-started Britain’s New Year celebrations last night.About 250,000 people lined the banks of the Thames to witness the incredible display of pyrotechnics and lights.Up and down the country, millions of people packed into towns and cities to celebrate 2013 following the astonishing success of 2012.Revellers came out in force to celebrate the New Year in Newcastle, where one girl dressed in a body hugging mini-dress fell into the window of a  takeaway before collapsing, legs splayed, onto the pavement.

The young woman, in high heels and red dress was helped away by a police officer in the city’s notorious Bigg Market.As the clock struck midnight a young man clutched his bleeding face before also  seeking the help of officers.Elsewhere, a reveller was attended to by paramedics before being stretchered into an ambulance and driven away.Drunken revellers caused emergency service’s phone lines to go into meltdown with a record five 999 calls every minute in the West Midlands.The Ambulance Service were out in force across Birmingham as partygoers swamped the streets on the busiest night of the year.

Between 8pm and midnight the service received a staggering 638 calls – a 15 per cent increase from the previous year.Between 1am and 4am the service received 1,291 emergency calls – an increase of nine per cent.In Birmingham alone, ambulance crews responded to a total of 623 calls after boozy celebrations spilled over into violence.’A lot of people had obviously overdone it, there were people throwing up everywhere even before the fireworks to celebrate the new year.

‘I couldn’t believe how many girls were struggling to walk in their high heels, a lot had taken them off and where trying not to stand on the vomit.’There were a few fights around, but they were broken up by the police and people were pretty happy.’To help free-up availability of ambulances and capacity at A&E departments, a Temporary Minor Injury Unit (TMIU) was set up in Birmingham for the 6th year running.It provided immediate treatment for people who had suffered alcohol intoxication and other minor illnesses and injuries.

Staffed by paramedics, technicians, nurses and doctors, St John Ambulance volunteers, British Red Cross volunteers and Community First Responders, the TMIU treated more than 80 people during the new year celebrations dramatically reducing A&E admissions.Chief Executive Anthony Marsh said: ‘It comes as no surprise to us that New Years’ Eve has been the busiest nights of the year for the Ambulance Service.’It is a year in the planning for which as many staff as possible work through the night to ensure patient’s get help when they need it the most.

‘The way in which the Service deals with this traditionally busy night is a tribute to all the staff and volunteers who work through the night, often without the chance of a break.’I am very proud of my staff and volunteers who gave up their night to ensure the safety of everyone in the West Midlands, regardless of whether or not they spent the night celebrating the coming of the New Year.’In Liverpool the streets where lined with extra police to control the crowds.In the concert square area of Liverpool, people could be seen vomiting in the street and collapsing having had too much to drink. – DailyMail