5 Ways PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week May Surprise Us This Time

5 Ways PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week May Surprise Us This Time

There’s a razzling dazzling fashion line-up about to take the stage as the four-day long PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) begins this evening.The event, laying focus on prêt rather than the blingy banality of bridal, has a designer entourage that includes fashion’s veterans, the adventurous young and a small smattering of newbies.

We’re hoping  against hope, perhaps  that new trends will be defined for the seasons to come and amongst the usual suspects, there are a few names that are particularly piquing our curiosity. Here’s what we’re finding interesting this PSFW:

1- Khaadi’s back in the game

Khaadi’s back in the game

Following a two-year sabbatical from fashion weeks, where it devoted itself completely to the relatively mundane but much more lucrative realms of affordable prêt and unstitched fabric, Khaadi’s veered back to the runway. With the new Khaadi Khaas collection, ‘Translucent’, the brand returns to its roots of creating hand-loomed fabrics. Minimalistically tailored, the clothes have been created in collaboration with Swarovski and runs the gamut from monochrome to vivid colors. Khaadi Khaas has, to date, churned out some fabulous fashion week line-ups. We’re expecting more of the same and this time, Khaadi, we’re hoping to see the clothes translated to retail!

2- Feeha’s Bob Squad

Feeha’s Bob Squad

Three years down the line, the designer finally returns to the spotlight with ‘The Bob Squad’, inspired by the psychadelia of the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s. The collection, says Feeha, talks about defying norms and wearing your individuality. As the name implies, the models will have uniform bobs while their clothes will differentiate them from each other. Fashion has no rules except the ones that you make yourself and so, Feeha’s prints run in twirls and swirls, straight lines curl and run haywire and floral embellishments are made from organza. One can just feel the young, rockstar vibe that Feeha has always exuded. It had been missing from fashion weeks for far too long.

3- Ali Xeeshan’s monochrome tendencies

Ali Xeeshan’s monochrome tendencies

Unexpectedly, Ali Xeeshan leaves aside his predilection for audacious, vibrant color and delves into monochrome. The designer had for, ahem, certain reasons not showcased his prêt at last year’s PSFW and focused much more on bridal. It will be interesting to see how his sensibilities for prêt have evolved over the last two years. The collection is predominated by cottons, translated into day-wear, sporty knits and evening gowns. There’s a lot of metal embellishment at play also and the clothes are mostly going to have Western silhouettes.

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4- Nomi’s ‘Joyride’

Nomi’s ‘Joyride’

You can always trust Nomi Ansari to go a bit crazy on the catwalk (remember the Salman Khan doppelganger and the circus fiesta at previous fashion weeks?). And when he calls his collection a ‘Joyride’, then you’re probably in for one. In the designer’s words, his PSFW line ricochets from the fun and wearable to the avant-garde non-wearable. There are denims, woven textures, prints and Swarovski elements scattered together into design. Once again, a designer who has been showcasing just his bridal-wear over the past two years, it’s great to see Nomi returning to a prêt-based fashion week. He’s also apparently created the entire looks for the models, from the sunglasses to the earrings to shoes that he promises are ‘very Lada Gaga-ish’!

5- Mahgul takes the stage

Mahgul takes the stage

So far, Mahgul had just showcased some very stellar capsules at fashion weeks but now, with ‘The Indus Society’, it brings out an entire new collection. Marking the launch of a brand new line of accessible luxury and formal-wear, titled ‘ORO’, the color palette and embellishments are inspired by animal skins, their patterns and a study of their anatomies. Prints are merged with heavy embroideries, quilting and laser-cutting, with clothes raging from casual prêt to formals, complemented by accessories like handmade totes, clutches, sneakers and khussas. Mahgul may be a relatively young brand but it has already carved a niche for itself with its distinctive signature. We’re expecting some absolute trend-setters from their PSFW line!