LALA Launches its LALA Signature Series – Eid Collection

LALA Launches its LALA Signature Series – Eid Collection

With this email we wanted to share that with the introduction of the Signature Series platform in celebration of their 65 Years of industry experience and in the spirit of channeling the international trend of cross brand synergy,

leading textile brand LALA are set to launch their LALA Signature Series – Eid collection with seasoned designer Sonya Battla on Thursday 11th June 2015.

LALA Launches its LALA Signature Series - Eid Collection

As the name suggests, the LALA Signature Series platform is one where the leading retail brand will collaborate with relevant and complementary brands to create, manufacture and retail specific collections throughout the year.

For its maiden Signature Series, LALA has partnered with the visionary designer Sonya Battla to introduce: #LALASignatureSeries x SonyaBattla – Eid Collection.

LALASignature x SonyaBattla

Indeed the brands have worked together to put forward a contemporary take on classic prints that consist of 10 designs in fresh pastels that feature summer bursts of bright colour. Thus to this end, please find attached a press release highlighting further details on the collection accompanied by a few relevant images from the Signature Series. 

For further press & publicity query please do not hesitate to contact me – details have been provided within the signature below. We look forward to your consideration.

LALASignatureSeries x SonyaBattla