PM Orders Judicial Commission To Probe His Family After Panama Data Leak

PM Orders Judicial Commission To Probe His Family After Panama Data Leak

She may have made a cameo in Ho Mann Jahaan but Syra Shahroz is now ready to make her full-fledged cinematic debut with Chalay Thay Saath.

Syra shahroz
My debut film is about love, friendship and family values says Syra Shahroz

“I kept getting scripts that I would like but something or the other about it wouldn’t sit right. This one just clicked because it’s not just revolving around one thing; it’ll shed light on love, friendship, family values,” reveals the 27-year-old actress. “I’ll be playing the role of Resham, who’s a doctor by profession. People have these preconceived notions about doctors being serious or very stuck in their ways but she’s not like that.

She’s very fun-loving and adventurous and the story is about her and her friends taking a trip up North.” Think it sounds a little like Karachi Se Lahore? Not quite, says producer Beenish Umer. “It’s not primarily a road trip movie, it’s like a travelogue but about everyday people like you and me. The dialogues are very real, the story will start off on a lighter note and get a bit more dramatic as time will go by but still rooted in reality,” shares Beenish. 

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Actress Mansha Pasha is also part of the ensemble cast and will be playing the role of a determined, headstrong woman named Tania. “The film is a rom-com with hints of drama, a journey of self-discovery. It’s looking to reach out to audiences who understand the importance of disconnect from the urban cycle of life. It’s a story about relationships and their complexities, about getting out there and living for a change,” she shares. 

“The movie won’t follow typical formulas that have developed by taking too much inspiration from Bollywood. Instead, it’s a film that will highlight Pakistani values.” The cast of Chalay Thay Saath also includes other big names like Zhalay Sarhadi, Behroze Subzwari, Faris Khalid and Shamim Halai, among others.