Lindsay Lohan lands in London

Lindsay Lohan lands in London

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan lands in London

The rumour mill swung into overdrive as Lindsay Lohan travelled to London, with motives for her holiday ranging from her taking part in hit reality show Celebrity Big Brother to a desire to see Max George.

According to E!, the indefatigable red-head is planning to see her boy-bander George, but others speculate that Lohan may be taking part in CBB, for a a hefty paycheck.Sources close to Lohan were quick to deny the rumours, with TMZ reporting: ‘According to our sources, the idea is “completely untrue” and total “nonsense.” As one source pointed out … how could she lock herself in a home for a few months when she has a court date next month?’The site forgets that CBB is a mere two weeks and Lohan is thought to have astronomical legal bills to pay.

Also George’s band The Wanted is due in New York to perform on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show on Monday night, so Lohan has less than 48 hours to make her mark as Lindsay arrived in London on Saturday.This might be all the more difficult as Max is said to still be in his home city of Manchester before travelling down to London to fly on Monday.Lindsay was dressed to make an impression in a dramatic full length fur coat as she jetted out of JFK and still wearing the swishy centrepiece when she arrived at the Dorchester Hotel.

Lohan is said to be planning to stay in this New Year’s Eve… in London, but according to TMZ, won’t be appearing in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother.It seems she is ready to make this grand sacrifice in an attempt to avoid being sent back to jail for probation violations.An insider told TMZ the 26-year-old wants to start her year in the best fashion in an attempt to impress the judge who will hear her case.So she is planning on attending no parties, no clubs and is hoping to even stay sober on the last night of 2012.

Instead she intends to enjoy an intimate quiet dinner in London, where she is visiting, before heading straaight back to the hotel to see in the bells with family and friends.Whether this will be enough gloss over her antics over the last year remains to be seen.The Herbie Fully Loaded favouirte is facing 245 days in prison after she failed to appear in court in Los Angeles for three misdemeanor charges, including lying to the police about a traffic incident this summer.Lindsay has been on probation after she was found guilty of stealing a necklace in July 2011.

And some of her harsger critics would argue she deserves to be locked up foer her performance in Liz and Dick alone.The much-ridiculed TV picture saw her put in a cringe-worthy turn as legendary English actress Elizabeth Taylor.And the star is reportedly furious with the producers of Scary Movie 5 after they included a joke about her probation being revoked in the film.She is said to have been promised the final say on which jokes went in the film and never gave the go ahead for that gag.Lindsay is apparently now planning to speak to her lawyers about the matter as she allegedly believes her contract has been breached.