Kim Kardashian leads the way over new photo ownership rules Instagram

Kim Kardashian leads the way over new photo ownership rules Instagram

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Kim Kardashian leads the way over new photo ownership rules Instagram

Thanks to Instagram we’ve become used to daily insights into the world of celebrities.From watching them put on their make-up, to seeing them binging on junk food in bed, it has opened up access in a previously unimaginable way.

But that might be about to change – after a backlash from users. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Lauren Conrad are amongst those planning on closing their accounts should the proposed new rules come into force.They were swept up in a storm of online protests after changes in Instagram’s user agreement give it broader rights to use its members’ photos in advertisements.

Reality superstar Kim tweeted: ‘I really loved Instagram 🙁 I need to review this new policy. I don’t think its fair.’Kendall added: ‘might be saying bye bye to Instagram…hope something changes.’And their sister Khloe agreed: ‘Wow…I just read over Instagram’s new policy…so sad, looks like I might be deleting my instagram after Jan 16. I hope something changes.’Lauren Conrad agreed: ‘Seriously Instagram…? Guess I’ll be deleting my account now.And Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke tweeted: ‘Can’t believe Instagrams new policy! They r allowed 2 use ALL of ur images in advertising. Will be erasing my account shortly.’

Also angry were Kate Walsh and Tiffani Thiessen, who tweeted: ‘Really sad to have to end my luv 4 instagram.’Will be deleting my account due 2 their ridiculous new terms.’They are all angered by Instagram’s new assertion that it may now receive payments from businesses to use your photos, user name and other data ‘in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.’In a blog post that offered few details, Instagram said the changes will help its service ‘function more easily as part of Facebook by being able to share info between the two groups.’

Instagram’s short blog post on Monday made no mention of advertisements or other commercial activities, though it offered links to the new privacy policy and terms of service.Those documents spell out what the service could do, but say little about actual plans.Instagram, co-founder Kevin Systrom later attempted to stem the backlash, releasing a statement saying: ‘It is our mistake that this language is confusing.’To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos.’He continued: ‘[The new terms of service] was interpreted by many that we were going to sell your photos to others without any compensation. This is not true.’

Facebook, which bought Instagram in September for $740 million, already uses photos and other information about users to show advertisements to their friends.Instagram’s new policy, which takes effect January 16, suggests that Facebook wants to integrate Instagram into its ad-serving system.Under the current policy, Instagram is not as explicit in saying how it uses its members’ photographs.But the company already has the right to use people’s public content as it sees fit, though the photographers keep so-called ‘ownership’ of the photos. The new terms make it clearer that Instagram could use your photos to market to your friends.Users must accept the new terms when they go into effect or leave Instagram. – Dailymail