Jason Wu tells ‘story’ through clothes

Jason Wu tells ‘story’ through clothes

Designer Jason Wu attends the 8th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Jason Wu loves to ‘tell a story’ through his clothes.

The designer offered his explanation for what makes high fashion creations so special and said it is all about the thought, effort and care that goes into every garment. The Taiwanese-born creative loves to explore different themes and combine contrast in his collections until a common thread becomes apparent in all of the designs.

‘What truly defines designer fashion is how it’s made and the material it’s made with. Every bead counts, every crystal counts, every setting counts…’ he told British newspaper The Telegraph. ‘I’ve always loved the idea of storytelling and I think everything around the clothes has to contribute to that; how the fabrics in the outfits transition from the first to the last look is really about weaving the story and having it retold through the clothes.’

Jason also revealed what inspired his new Resort 13 collection. The designer often combines contrasting elements in his clothes. ‘Often the start of my collection is that I find two completely different ideas and put them together in one collection. For the Resort collection I was really inspired by insects and also the idea of a man-made nature and so it grew organically from these bugs I was making out of Swarovski crystals; they were also quite jewellery like,’ he said.-MSN