COKE STUDIO wins over audiences with 3rd episode

COKE STUDIO wins over audiences with 3rd episode

Coke studio

As ‘Coke Studio’ continues churning out one amazing song after another, we present an overview of songs seen and heard on Episode 3 of ‘Coke Studio’s Season 5’.

‘Neray Aah’ was originally featured in the soundtrack for the 1998 Punjabi film ‘Choorian’, directed by Syed Noor and sung by Saira Naseem. Overload released a cover version as a single in 2011. As the first film song to be done on Coke Studio by Overload and Rachel Viccaji ‘Neray Aah’ reflects on the desires and torments of worldly love and how in its extreme it can drive a person to their insanity. ‘Coke Studio’s interpretation of this song uses a popular dhol groove played with Zeppelin style drums to create the basis of the fusion. ‘Nindiya Ke Paar’ was written between 2009 and 2010 by Uzair Jaswal Jaswal’s older brother, Yasir Jaswal. The two brothers worked out the song structure and main component parts together at a friend’s studio.

.The song title suggests a sense of escaping and going to the place beyond one’s dreams where one is alone in his/her world. A number of different elements in a time of confusion inspired Jaswal to write this song.  ‘Taaray’ reflects a change in Bilal Khan’s life and an increased sense of confidence driven by his success as a musician so far. ‘Taaray’ is a song for the young who have ambitions and feel they can achieve anything they set out for. Khan brings out his philosophy and writes about keeping the promises one made to one’s self, working with patience and dedication to fulfill a dream. ‘Rung’ is a Kalaam written by Amir Khusro in his early years. The performance stays true to the original structure of Qawali but has the house-band playing progressive music on top of it.

This results in a unique track. Hadiqa Kiani diversifies her skill and sings this song in a manner different than her usual style. ‘School Di Kitaab’: Bohemia was inspired to write this song by his own personal experiences. He had performed in Lahore and was approached by a number of people who said their children were huge fans. They told him that their children don’t pay any attention to their studies and work but remember all of his songs. Bohemia wanted to send a message out to kids encouraging them to finish school. He says he is a slow reader himself because he paid no attention in school and feels there is a lot more he could have done if he had. Photo credits: Kohi Marri  -Pakistantoday