Sara Khan confesses her love for Ashmit!

I just called to say… I love you… Confession time on Bigg Boss Season 4!! It’s none other than Sara Khan, who confesses her love for Ashmit Patel!Day by day the Sara-Ashmit story has been taking new twists and turns. From long chats by the pool, to washes dishes in the kitchen and teaching dance steps… there closeness to each other is evident. In spite of being in a steady relationship with Ali, Sara chose to tear pictures of her and boyfriend Ali. Post tearing pics, she found comfort on Ashmit’s shoulder.A secret task which required the women to constantly follow one man in the house and based on a consensus… the women choose Ashmit! The women too think it will be an easy task, since Sara is always around Ashmit. But to everyones surprise, the women fail this task. As a punishment, the women are given a task to perform a dance number for Ashmit. While they put an impressive act, Ashmit has a task to select one woman for a candle-lit dinner. He surprises all by choosing Shweta Tiwari.After Ashmit is back from the dinner, he finds Sara getting ready for a smoke. Sara confronts Ashmit – “a person whose been smoking for past 6 months and now has only few drags, is because of you. I have never done this for anybody.I am doing this for you only because I truly love you”.Wonder what future holds for Ashmit and Sara… Will Ashmit ever confess his love too?? – Timesofpakistan