Bebo doesn’t fancy Liz Taylor!

Though earlier Bebo was very excited about her association with Madhur, who is fantastic with women-oriented subjects, a source says, “The first round of stories suggested that Madhur was making a film based on the life of Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. Later, others suggested he was doing a Sunset Boulevard kind of a film. As the speculations continued, it turned out that Kareena had not even had a complete story narration.”

To make matters worse, Kareena and Madhur didn’t address this issue. An insider adds, “Madhur’s script is allegedly based on the life of Elizabeth Taylor and her tumultuous love affairs and various marriages. Rumours say that Arjun Rampal was to play a role similar to that of Richard Burton. And talks were on with various other actors to play Liz Taylor’s other husbands. Emraan Hashmi’s name also cropped up for an interesting part. Though Kareena and Arjun got along like a house on fire while shooting We Are Family, somewhere along the way, she developed cold feet when it came to playing Liz Taylor.”

As things currently stand, neither Kareena nor Madhur are willing to say that their project is not happening. In fact, several intermediaries are at work to get them together. One still continues to hear that the film is deferred and not shelved. But if you follow the dots, then you’ll note that Bebo’s date diary now includes Bodyguard with Salman Khan, Short Term Shaadi with Imran Khan, Agent Vinod with Saif Ali Khan and RA One with Shah Rukh Khan. What’s more, all these Khan films will be shot back-to-back. So despite their “no-comments” stand, one can safely assume that Kareena and Madhur will not be working together — like we said, at least not yet – Indiatimes