Priyanka is my good friend: Shahid

Well, what makes Shahid Kapoor a ‘cool’ dude is really his hot quotient. Whether it’s his good looks, his dramatic mix of roles, or his skilled moves and groves that sets the dance floor ablaze — the boy is a true hottie.

Add to that his candid confessions and the ‘supposed’ cool women in his life. Hot or cool — anyway you like. Shahid is celebrating zoOm’s ‘cool’ attribute on its 6th anniversary.

What he thinks makes him so cool is… “The fact that my parents tell me I’ve been a good son. I love my parents a lot, and I’ve a huge amount of respect for them. Also, whatever I’ve achieved is through a lot of hard work. I’ve gone for auditions, and even got rejected, but I’ve never taken my father’s name and said that main Pankaj Kapur ka beta hoon.” Atta boy! Ask him about his ‘good-friend’, Priyanka Chopra, and he casually replies, “Me and Priyanka! We’re really good friends. She’s a very good actor and I think so far what she’s achieved is fantastic. She’s a thorough professional. We’ve shared a great working equation and we’re also neighbours.”

And his other link-ups? He quickly adds, “I think sometimes the alleged link-ups are really funny. I don’t get linked with the actresses, who are really good friends. I go over to Genelia’s home once every month, and we’re very good friends, and nobody has linked us. And on the other hand, I’ve been linked-up with the actress with whom I share only a working relationship.” Here’s only a dekko of Shahid’s cool charisma. – timesofindia