Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi get engaged

One of Bollywood’s gorgeous and stunning lady is now taken. Mahesh Bhupathi, the tennis star, proposed to Lara Dutta over a candle lit dinner. If that isn’t enough, for the romantic at heart, Mahesh did it with a ring that he designed himself that had a stone picked especially by the man for his woman.

It all happened a month ago in the glitz and glam of New York City where Mahesh was visiting for the US Open. Now this one relationship, that was under the media scrutiny time and again, is finally official.

Earlier Lara would always call their relationship as “just friends” when asked, but now she can’t help but blush. The couple waited to make things public as Mahesh was going through a divorce and needed time to get things sorted. Mahesh’s ex wife, Svetha Jaishankar, though didn’t leave any opportunity to blame Lara for the divorce, Lara on her part, did clarify saying that she met the tennis star a year after he separated from his ex wife. – Indianexpress