I want to kiss Penn: Mallika

Oomphy girl Mallika Sherawat, who has practically made US her home, flew down to Mumbai after two years. And in an exclusive chat with TOI, she said that Mumbai continues to be the home where her heart lies… despite the razzle dazzle she has become used to in Los Angeles.

“I missed everything about Mumbai. I missed the rains and I also missed the vada pav. I’m going to hog some during my stay,” said Mallika, who is here to promote her Hollywood movie Hisss and act in Double Dhamaal. She added, “In LA, I’m representing India, the land of Om, and it’s a huge responsibility. I take pride that I’m at the forefront of the convergence of the West and the East.”

The actress had created a stir in Bollywood eight years back with her record kissing act in Khwahish in which she smooched the lead actor 17 times. Post this, she went bold in many other films and her kisses and body were as much of an USP of the film as its plot. Is there a person over whose lips she wants to plant hers? “I want to kiss Sean Penn. He is an intense actor whom I really adore,” Mallika shot back, laughing. The actress also said of her evolving sex appeal, “As time goes, one matures and everything about a person goes through change. I think my sex appeal right now is in my mind and how I connect with people.”

Mallika credits Slumdog Millionaire for her success in the West. “That film really opened doors in Hollywood for everyone. I am doing some good Hollywood films and there are many many offers too. The women are now just not seen as Oriental beauties — they are seen as actors and talents with huge potential. Hollywood has become totally colour blind,” she said.

She has big entrepreneurship dreams in terms of launching a fashion label in the future and said with time she has mellowed down from a person who used to shoot from her lips and made headlines with controversies. “Those were the days of rebellion and there were so many moral codes for the leading lady in Bollywood. When I kissed on screen or wore swimsuits, big deal was made out of it. But now everyone is doing it. I have become patient and calmer,” she added – Timesofindia