Kat & I together: Salman

Salman Khan has been liberated. We’re not talking about girlfriend (ex or current, we aren’t sure!) but of the volleys of conflicting statements he has unleashed on the media lately, all with a naughty smile.

The bad body of Bollywood, known to have poured a bottle of cola over once girlfriend Somy Ali, seems to be having fun with words now. Can’t say we’re surprised, since his father is, after all, Salim Khan, the man who co-wrote Sholay and other blockbusters.

The latest headline-grabbing words he has uttered at a press conference are, “By the way, Katrina and I are still together … just for your information.” That’s nice of you Salman, informing the fourth estate of your relationship status! We would be touched, if not for the fact that a couple of days before, he hinted to a television channel that he’s single.This was followed up by Katrina dutifully declaring that she too is single. The couple (ex?) has defined singledom as a state before one marries… hmmm, very enlightening, indeed!

He seems to be enjoying the headlines too. He tweeted, “My sister texted that I should not talk abt Kat on the promotion of Dabangg and have a special press conference for me and Kat. Hahaha … she is too phunny (sic!)”

It’s a rollercoaster ride, alright, and one with all the masala of a Bollywood potboiler, so we’re truly not complaining! As he confessed recently to a television channel, “We’re going to keep you confused for some time.” But, if we’re in a tizzy, wonder how girlfriend (ex or current!) Katrina Kaif must be dealing with it! – Timesofindia