Responsibility For Teaching Moral Values

Responsibility For Teaching Moral Values

In this Era, Children are not taught values like we were in the past. Our media is Broadcasting Weird Kids tv shows and Cartoons On Kids Channels teaching children to make huge messes, breaking stuff, violence and showing tantrums to parents.

Parents, Teachers and Elders need to teach children about  the moral values. First thing is to teach them truthfulness so that they will be truthful and honest person in the future. By teaching them to think about other feeling’s, provoking them to contribute their money to charity and making them read  books and watch movies that are inspirational.

Parents and Teachers are the role model of the children;  they follow them so its their responsibility to practice all the values in front of  children.Teachers should make their classroom as a community centered on learning.  It’s the Responsibility of the Teacher to give them productive and interactive  education. Moreover, it’s very vital to teach children how to be a responsible  citizen.

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Character Building of children is very important and it’s the  responsibility of parents and teachers. Children are the hope for the better future  of the country and its Important to Educate them moral value to promote peace in the world.

Author: Mahnoor Anwar