Importance Of Peace Education In Pakistan

Importance Of Peace Education In Pakistan

Through this Letter I want to draw attention of authorities concerned to promote Peace Education in Pakistan. Peace is the dire need of the current times.

Pakistan needs it the most because of conflicts occurring and the incidents happening in this region. Peace Education teaches us to not create confrontational environment and build empathetic behavior. Promotion of peace Education has become more important after the incident of lynching of a young student Mashal in Mardan.

We have to change the mindsets of people by education rather than criticizing it. Moreover, Peace Education changes the culture of violence to culture of tolerance. It is focused on teaching students inquisitive and logical thinking. When we are aggressive or cruel we compromise our human dignity. Peace Education thus teaches Human dignity which is the higher worth of human being.

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Peace Education provides skills and knowledge to influence the mindsets. It creates a culture of peace because it reflects respect for life, human dignity and human rights and promotes the principles of freedom, justice, tolerance and understanding between people by rejecting violence.

Author: Bismah Tanveer