Inculcation Of Peace Education In Our Curriculum

Inculcation Of Peace Education In Our Curriculum

Bringing into our schools Peace Education curricula with tools such as social and emotional learning, communication techniques, restorative processes, capacity building, conflict resolution and other proven peace building skills, will help transform the culture of violence and will change our social structure and thought process.

Peace education is learning about peace and for peace, obtaining knowledge and understanding of what contributes to peace, and what damages it. It aims to understand war, injustice and structural violence, and develop respect for diversity. Dispute and conflict may be inevitable but violence is not.

To prevent continued cycle of violence, education must seek to promote peace and tolerance. Schools are the main avenue of learning and education, and to prevent continued cycles of violence, education must promote peace, tolerance and understanding to help create a better society for all.

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Education for peace, therefore, needs to be woven into our basic school curriculum. Youth are the foundation of the future, and by providing them peace education they can often serve as transformed mentors of friends, family, passing on good practical behavior and social communication techniques.

It should be made basic part of the curriculum, and should be systematically embedded. Our policies at local and state level should reflect and empower these options.

Author: Amshall Asif