Girls Education In Pakistan

Girls Education In Pakistan

In Pakistan, girls are less educated than boys. As we know 30% of girls are educated in Pakistan as compared to boys.

Girls Education in Pakistan

A woman is expected to take care of the home as wife and mother, whereas the male are seen to do outside work like jobs. Education for boys is prioritized over girls, because it is perceived that’s boys should get education to get good job and help their families financially while girls have to be good mothers and wives. The Human Development Report (HDR) listed Pakistan in the category of “low human development” countries with a female literacy rate of thirty percent, and Pakistan has ranked 145 in the world in terms of human development.

A study explains the number of primary school, teachers and literacy rate of girls and boys. Another study explains how Taliban effected the common people and the education system in Afghan. They oppose girls education and destroyed schools in Afghan. A study explains about the hidden reason why women are struggling to get their rights. All the studies explains the problems that girls are facing in getting education. These problems are poverty, absence of free and compulsory education for all, low education budget, cultural norms restricting girls and promoting males to get education and storage of schools and female teachers.

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Another problem is the ideology of the Taliban about the education for girls. Some problems of why women are not getting their rights are dowry, social norms, early marriages, societal attitudes towards females higher education. The solutions for this are to spent more on education, build more schools, train more teachers, make primary education free for girls and boys and also ensure that the policy support equal opportunities for employment for girls and boys. We also need to know that the Taliban who are opposing girls education are really bringing the change in their view about education if they want to be the part of politics in Afghanistan.

In the end, we can say that education is important for all specially for girls because education is necessary for development. It makes our thinking wider. It also help women to increase their role in family decisions like child birth, their upbringing and socialization. Education is necessary for a change in women’s life by increasing their confidence and raising their status in family and society. So now we know how much important the girls education is and that they should get education in order to bring change in society.

Author: Izza Noor Rafiq