5th February – Kashmir Day

5th February – Kashmir Day

Kashmir day, also known as the Solidarity Day, is celebrated on 5th of February every year throughout Pakistan and Azad Jummu Kashmir. The purpose of celebrating this day is to show unity and solidarity with the people of Kashmir. Kashmir conflict has been a bone of contention between Pakistan and India since 1947. This day was proposed by Qazi Hussain Ahmad of Jamaat-e-Islam party. This day has been observed since 1990 on the call of Nawaz Sharif who was the opposition leader and chief minister of Pakistan at that time. Then the leader of Pakistan people’s party government responded by declaring this day a public holiday and named it as Kasmir Solidarity day. Kashmir issue is the jugular vein of Pakistan and an oldest unresolved international issue.

Kashmir is fully enriched with natural beauty like rivers, trees, waterfalls and fresh water lakes etc. In fact this is considered to be a heaven. Most important thing is that Kashmir is the flash point of South Asia that is surrounded by three nuclear powers China, India and Pakistan. On the time of partition, states were given opportunity to be a part of either India or Pakistan. It was announced that muslim majority areas will be associated with Pakistan and Kasmir was a muslim majority state that was owned by Maharaaja Hari Singh who was anti-Pakistan. He did not make the right decision and associated Kashmir with India that was against the law. From that day Kashmir issue started that has led to face three wars between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir Day is celebrated to provide sympathy and political support to Kashmiris who are struggling against Indian rule for freedom. It is a nationwide strike. There is a public holiday in Pakistan and Azad Jummu Kasmir on 5th February. This day is marked by public processions, rallies, symposium and conferences etc. throughout Pakistan. Conferences and seminars are organized by many religious and political parties in various cities across the country where political leaders and spokesmen address the public. This day is annually observed that honors the sacrifices made for Kashmiri liberation. News and entertainment channels and radio air special programs to highlight the different aspects of Kashmir conflict, particularly Indian atrocities against innocent Kashmiris. Talk shows, dramas and Kashmiri songs are on air on different channels to support the Kashmiri freedom movement.

Special cultural programs and festivals are held to promote the Kashmiri tradition and culture. On Kashmir day a five minute period silence is observed in Pakistan and Kashmir to remember those Kashmiris who were killed in fighting against Indian rule. Educational institutions organize debate and essay competitions where students have the opportunity to express their idea and viewpoints for resolving Kashmir conflict. This day is dedicated to pay homage to Kashmiri martyrs who lost their lives fighting for Kashmir freedom. This day symbolizes unity and loyalty to assure Kashmiris that they are not alone in their struugle for freedom. Special prayers are conducted in mosques for the liberation of Kashmiris. Inshallah Kashmir will be free from Indian repression and that day is not far away when Kashmiri people will get the reward of their sacrifices.

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