CPEC-A Holy Cow Or A White Elephant

CPEC-A Holy Cow Or A White Elephant

CPEC: a game changer for Pakistan”, a trans regional project expected to benefit 3 billion people of the region through enhance regional connectivity continues to look like a mystery yet it has gained the status of a holy cow for Pakistan.

No doubt CPEC will bring changes in Pakistan, in defense perspective and most importantly against Indian aggression. Because of Pakistan’s geo-strategic location it can change the power dynamics from North to south. The Claims about CPEC’s ability to change Pakistan’s economic condition appears to be hollow and there are grey areas in which CPEC appears a Chinese-interest project only.

We all hail the positive aspects of CPEC in the region while ignoring the fact that after giving China a tax free status will eventually destroy our production sector and through CPEC China will become an international competitor for Pakistan especially in cotton and leather manufacturing sector. Moreover projects under CPEC of 42$ billion loan pledge are add-ons and trade-off with Pakistan and the Chinese banks will charge more interest than any other international banks.in result Pakistan is going to get a lot of debt on a high interest rate in the name of investment and All the management system will be handed over to Chinese. All the intellectual and decisionary activities will be in the control of Chinese. Now question arises, what Pakistanis are going to do with CPEC?

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In short, we are going to work as a labor because we didn’t develop the skills and qualification of our technical work force which China needs. We are going to handover our Media to them; economic set up will be totally dependent on them. It looks foolish that we have our own army and government then how we will lose our sovereignty?

Answer is pretty simple that you will be influenced by Chinese Leadership in every decision making step. You need to ask them about the jobs. You will get the jobs but under the Chinese bosses. In simple words, go ahead to get prosperity from CPEC but For God Sake focus on your National Interest. Don’t compromise on our sovereignty which is not actually still in our hand. Review your MOU’s and take a look on what you are going to do with the future of the country.

Author: Toqeer Javed, Islamabad.