Power Of Public

Power Of Public

Public is real judge and all powers lies in their hands. Unfortunately public is unable to realize their powers ,importance and are also unaware of the fact that they own all influencing powers.

It is a tradition in Islamic Republic of Pakistan that as the holy month of Ramzan started prices of all kinds of items were raised and was sky touching within few days.

On 1st 2nd and 3rd of this month with help of successful campaign through social, electronic and print media there was boycott of fruits buying due to their price.

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As to talk about its Success besides fall of prices it’s an historic event to realize powers and to know that their denial and ignorance maters a lot.

This joint venture campaign of media and people is quite successful .it is just beginning to raise your voices and start a collective opposition to all evils of society . well done ! keep it up people of Pakistan!

Author: Zain Zafar