Air Marshal Muhammad Asghar Khan

Air Marshal Muhammad Asghar Khan

Recently I had the privilege of reading a book “We’ve Learnt Nothing from History” the thing which impressed me the most was the personality of the author rather than the events covered in the book.

The author Air Marshall ( Retired) Asghar Khan who apparently is no stranger to Pakistani politics or neither to me until very recently I came across this role model of a personality.

Intrigued after completing my first reading I decided to conduct a further research on Pakistan’s youngest Air Chief.

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It was really eye opening for me that in its 69 year history Pakistan was really privileged to firstly have such a man lead its Air Force and even more lucky to have such a man enter politics , a man who possess such sterling integrity , drive of dedication , impeccable honesty and the urge to lead.

I personally feel pity that the we as a nation were unable to bring such a man to lead us on the highest level.

Author:  Aqsa Ghauri Islamabad