The Memorable and Respected Teachers

The Memorable and Respected Teachers

What is most remembered after leaving school is the best memories of the loving and caring teachers.

I overwhelmed by such memories when recently, out of nowhere I had a chance to meet my school teacher, my mentor with her evergreen smiling face , my inspiration of all time and the most graceful personality I could ever think of.

Respected Teachers
Memorable and Respected Teachers

I never imagined meeting her again after leaving school though I always have a strong desire for that but after long five years it happened. Delegates from UK universities were on a visit to our department and she was also part of the visitors’ team. I reluctantly move forward to introduce myself thinking she may not recognize me but to my great surprise she moved forward and hugged me. She always appreciated me and encouraged me whenever I felt low during school life. 

She was the one always there for me to let me know with a smile that how talented I was which made me shine brighter. She taught me the lessons of life I can never forget. She left on my mind the unfading colors of her sweetest words I can ever forget. Teachers specially at school level play a vital role in a student’s life because that’s when the innocent minds need the attention most and an encouraging pushto move forward . The attitude of teachers make a difference In the building up of child’s personality. The success of a teacher lies in her students who prosper because of her teachings and always remember her for what she taught.

A teacher best knows the hidden qualities in every student that can be nurtured or buried forever by the way he/she handles him/her.

William Arthur Ward said.”The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” For me meeting my teacher was one of the happiest moment of my life because she was a source of inspiration for me throughout my life, my evergreen teacher.

Author: Maham Shah-L.C.W.U- Lahore