Office Environment in Pakistan for Youth

Office Environment in Pakistan for Youth

When one thinks of looking for a job in Pakistan to start his/her professional life , a sense of uneasiness and discomfort hovers upon the

youth fearing the rough and discouraging attitudes of their seniors who boss around merely on the basis of their seniority.

Office Environment
Office Environment in Pakistan for Youth

Youth here in Pakistan has a potential and creative idea but the moment they enter their professional life they realize that working abroad would be a better option other than to serve in their own country. There are many examples of brilliant young minds starting their career from Pakistan but end up in frustration and depression and mostly getting into a state of losing their confidence because of the lack of respect and cynicism they face from the seniors. 

An atmosphere of bossing around and speaking roughly is generally witnessed in government offices where seniors don’t value the new talent and discourage their innovative ideas or raise unimportant minute issues leading to an atmosphere of negativity in the office environment.

Countries like USA and UK who are progressing far ahead welcomes the youth from other countries and provide them a comfortable working environment to promote new and innovative ideas leading to the progress of their countries.

We can bring a change to the system if we really wish to utilize the energies of the youth through boosting their creative ideas and aspirations.

Author : Maham Shah