Last Day to Avail Tech Me Home Deals by Orient!

Last Day to Avail Tech Me Home Deals by Orient!

If you haven’t rushed to make the most of Orient’s Tech Me Home Deals already, know that it is the Last day of availing the three magnificent deals. With something extra for everyone courtesy the Lifetime Warranty Offer, Double Offer and 4K Freeasta, we believe Orient’s DC Inverter ACs, refrigerators and LED TVs are really worth taking home! Continue reading to find out more!


Lifetime Warranty Offer, the name says it all!

The much-celebrated Lifetime Warranty Offer on all of Orient’s DC Inverter Air Conditioners made a marvelous comeback just in time for Ramzan! In the beginning of 2017, the Lifetime Warranty Offer swooped the customers off their feet, this time too it is doing exactly that and if you aren’t one of these customers, you better become one! Under this offer you will not only get Orient’s Inverter AC at a discounted price but also get a lifetime’s worth of Warranty on its compressor. Now that is indeed something to rejoice about!

Double Offer to Double the Benefit!

Want an extended warranty, but on the refrigerator instead of the DC Inverter AC? Fret not! On Orient’s efficient refrigerators, you will get a delicious discount and an even more delicious 10 years warranty! So don’t let this offer go by, browse the perfect refrigerator for you and your family and bring one home right away!

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4K Freeasta for Endless Entertainment!

You thought Orient forgot about the LED TV addicts?  Not at all! Orient is giving away a FREE microwave oven worth Rs 8800 on its best-selling 4K LED TVs, Smart LED TVs and HD LED TVs for all the entertainment lovers out there! Take advantage of this amazing 4K Freeasta sale now and always have delicious Iftari snacks ready to accompany your favorite Ramzan transmission!