500 economists to discuss SME growth

500 economists to discuss SME growth

SME growthRIYADH: The Saudi Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) forum will be launched Tuesday with a presence of more than 500 economists and trade experts.

Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf, Commerce and Industry Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah and Labor Minister Adel Faqeih are expected to attend the opening session.Around 30 speakers are representing government officials, executives and international experts.

The forum is spread into 6 sessions.

The following are some details:

Session 2: Requirements to Develop and Broaden SMEs Role in Saudi economy

Speakers: Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdulkader, Muhamed Ben Ali Alabdulhafiz and Yasser Muhamed Abdo Yamani

Session 3: What Can Private Sector do to Support SMEs?

Moderator: Abdullah Alkuweiz, economist

Speakers: Fahad A. Al-Semari, Sultan Bin Battal, Fahad Hussain Mushayt, Faysal Alaquil and Abdurahman Al-Fahaid

Session 4: Enhancing SMEs Access to Finance..

Moderator: Talaat Hafiz, secretary general, Media & Banking Awareness Committee

Speakers: Mohammad Hammouda, Abdulrahman Al-Khayyal, Nazih Al-Nasser, Walid Al-Morshed,

Session 5: International Experience in Developing and Supporting SMEs

Speakers: Massimo Baldinato, Tom Kingsley and Mengistu Alemaehu

Session 6: Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

Speakers: Rashid Alzahrani, Abdullah Alabdullatif, Ghazi Alshahrani, Makboul Al-Harbi and Sami Alhassian