Activity at Karachi and Qasim ports

KARACHI (September 08 2010): The Karachi Port handled 137,382 tonnes of cargo including 98,763 tonnes of import cargo, 38,619 tonnes of export cargo, 6,061 loaded and empty containers during last 24 hours ended at 0700 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 98,763 tonnes comprised of 43,854 tonnes of containerised cargo; 21,126 tonnes of bulk cargo: 11,855 tonnes of coal; 2,869 tonnes of MAP; 2,753 tonnes of DAP; 3,649 tonnes of rape seeds and 33,783 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 38,619 tonnes comprised of 31,496 tonnes of containerised cargo; 1,388 tonnes of general cargo; 4,235 tonnes of bulk cargo: 2,718 tonnes of cement; 1,517 tonnes of rice and 1,500 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo. Seven ships namely Lucky Lady-1, Miss Marilena, Zenobia, Dorian, Sima Sahba, MOL Success and De Shan sailed out to sea during the reported period.

Six vessels viz MT Swat, Lodestar Genesis, Dorian, Bunga Raya Dua, Fairwind and APL Amman are currently at the berths. Two ships namely Bunga Raya Dua and Marcampania expected to sail on Tuesday, while two vessels viz MT Swat and Cathrina are expected to sail on Wednesday.

Three vessels viz APL Cyprine, Kota Handal and Sammi Superstars due to arrive on Tuesday, while seven ships namely MT Karachi, Hanjin Gdynia, Bunga Raya Enam, Lieutenant Genova, Cap Gabriel, Li Hai and Admire Coral are due to arrive on Wednesday.


The Port Qasim handled 122,670 tonnes of cargo includes 100,106 tonnes of import cargo; 22,564 tonnes of export cargo and 4,286 loaded and empty containers (TEUs) during last 24 hours on Tuesday.

The total import cargo of 100,106 tonnes includes 24,279 tonnes of furnace oil; 6,378 tonnes of palm oil; 5,250 tonnes of chemicals; 3,880 tonnes of iron ore; 10,731 tonnes of coal; 9,703 tonnes of rape seeds and 39,885 tonnes of containerised cargo. The total export cargo of 22,564 tonnes includes 3,040 tonnes of cement and 19,524 tonnes of containerised cargo.

Two vessels viz MT DL Diamond and CV Nord Winter sailed out to sea during last 24 hours, while a container ship namely CV Saudi Tabuk is expected to sail on Tuesday. A total number of nine ships namely CV MSC Jeanne, CV Nord Winter, CV Saudi Tabuk, MV Captain Said, MV Green Line, MV Mighty Michal, MV Gingo Ko, MT SC Haikou and MT Fair Spirit are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, cement, coal, rape seeds, iron ore and furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours.

Five vessels viz Hae Song, Alexi-1, Royal Pearl, Darwin and Nedlloyd Drake carrying cement, sugar and containers are currently at the outer anchorage. A container vessel Nedlloyd Drake is expected to take berth at Container Terminal on Tuesday, while an oil tanker Memphis carrying furnace oil is due to arrive on the same day.

Three container vessels viz CV ACX Rafflesia, CV Ville-D-Orion and CV Darwin carrying iron ore and containers are due to arrive on Wednesday, while two more container ships namely CV CSAV Jura and CV Dubai Express are due to arrive on Thursday. A total number of three vessels viz Glory, Atlantic Fraoke and Enricovoli carrying containers, general cargo and phosphoric acid are also due to arrive. -Brecorder