Activity at Karachi port

KARACHI (September 07 2010): The Karachi Port handled 264,439 tonnes of cargo including 186,660 tonnes of import cargo, 77,779 tonnes of export cargo, 4,623 loaded and empty containers during last 48 hours ended at 0700 hours on Monday. The total import cargo of 186,660 tonnes comprised of 86,447 tonnes of containerised cargo; 63,216 tonnes of bulk cargo: 47,996 tonnes of coal; 5,240 tonnes of MAP; 4,064 tonnes of DAP; 5,916 tonnes of rape seeds and 36,997 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 77,779 tonnes comprised of 68,076 tonnes of containerised cargo; 716 tonnes of general cargo; 6,837 tonnes of bulk cargo: 5,193 tonnes of cement; 1,644 tonnes of rice and 2,150 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

Eight ships namely OOCL Dalian, CS Discovery, APL Sharjah, OEL Trust, CSL Ride, BBC England, Golden Dominance and Ocean Host sailed out to sea during the reported period. Ten vessels viz CSL Ride, OEL Trust, Marcampania, MOL Success, Hyundai Long Beach, Sima Sahba, Zenobia, Miss Marilena, Golden Dominance and Lucky Lady-1 are currently at the berths.

Six ships namely Miss Marilena, Zenobia, MOL Success, Lucky Lady-1, De Shan and Sima Sahba expected to sail on Monday, while three vessels viz Dorian, Hyundai Long Beach and Marcampania are expected to sail on Tuesday. Three vessels viz Wan Hai-602, Bunga Raya Dua and Leopard-B due to arrive on Monday, while six ships namely Lodestar Genesis, APL Cyprine, Kota Hyudai, Sammi Superstars, Mazin Arab and Iron Butterfly are due to arrive on Tuesday – Brecorder