Activity at Karachi and Qasim ports

KARACHI (September 01 2010): The Karachi Port handled 130,186 tonnes of cargo including 98,252 tonnes of import cargo, 31,934 tonnes of export cargo, 6,098 loaded and empty containers during last 24 hours ended at 0700 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 98,252 tonnes comprised of 46,202 tonnes of containerised cargo; 408 tonnes of general cargo; 37,566 tonnes of bulk cargo: 259 tonnes of fertilizer; 34,000 tonnes of coal; 759 tonnes of TSP; 2,548 tonnes of DAP and 14,076 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 31,934 tonnes comprised of 27,413 tonnes of containerised cargo; 814 tonnes of general cargo; 2,807 tonnes of cement and 900 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo. Six ships namely Bunga Raya Empat, Thorco Challenger, MT Karachi, Sagarjeet, Irenes Rainbow and APL Brisbane sailed out to sea during the reported period.

Five vessels viz Krateros, Sorrelle, Condor, Cresta Blue and North Pole are currently at the berths. Five ships namely James River Bridge, Hyundai Oakland, North Pole, Cresta Blue and Sorrelle expected to sail on Tuesday, while another vessel viz Rukia is expected to sail on Wednesday. Three vessels viz Pujawati, President Adams and De Shan due to arrive on Tuesday, while seven ships namely Blossom, Al-Mirqab, MSC Ayala, Samin-1, STX Patraikos, Cap George and Sunset are due to arrive on Wednesday.

PORT QASIMThe Port Qasim handled 77,984 tonnes of cargo includes 59,611 tonnes of import cargo; 18,373 tonnes of export cargo and 2,651 loaded and empty containers (TEUs) during last 24 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 59,611 tonnes includes 27,796 tonnes of furnace oil; 10,605 tonnes of coal and 21,210 tonnes of containerised cargo. The total export cargo of 18,373 tonnes includes 2,401 tonnes of rice; 1,128 tonnes of cement and 14,844 tonnes of containerised cargo.

Three container vessel viz CV CMA CGM Impala, CV Maersk Montana and CV Najran sailed out to sea during last 24 hours, while two more ships namely MV Captain Said and CV Pago are expected to sail on Tuesday. A total number of eight ships namely CV Maersk Montana, CV CMA CGM Impala, MV Captain Said, MV Alexi-1, MV Zenobia, MV SV Matvey, MT Al-Khalida and MT Atlamtic are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, cement, rice, coal and furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours.

Seven vessels viz Gingo, Al-Salam-II, Green Line, Sichem Marsille, Pago, Antje Wulfe and Nedlloyd Tasman carrying coal, diesel oil, cement, MEG and containers are currently at the outer anchorage. A total number of five ships namely CV Pago, Nedlloyd Tasman, CV UASC Shuwaikh, MT Sichem Marsille and MT Sham Rock Wenus carrying containers, phosphoric acid and MEG are expected to take berths at Container Terminal Engro Vopak Terminal and Multi Purpose Terminal (MW-1) respectively on Tuesday.

An edible oil vessel viz SC Haikou is due to arrive on Tuesday, while six more ships namely CV MSC Levnia, CV Aruni Rickmers, CV CMA CGM Onyx, MT Long Champ, Mt Victory Ocean and MT Galaxy are due to arrive on Wednesday – Brecorder