Maasai Kill Six Lions After Livestock Attack

Maasai Kill Six Lions After Livestock Attack

Angry Maasai herders in Tanzania killed six lions that had attacked livestock, in the latest clash between man and beast in the region.

Maasai Kil Lions

The government said it was “saddened to learn that six lions, an endangered species” were killed overnight Thursday in the northern Babati District, adding it would attempt to identify and prosecute those responsible. 

Authorities said the big cats, which attacked donkeys in a stable, likely came from Tarangire National Park, about 100 kilometres (62 miles) away. After learning of the attack, the Maasai, who were armed with bows and arrows and at least one gun, took revenge on the lions. Four tribesman were injured while confronting the beasts.

Lion attacks on livestock have become more frequent in Tanzania and neighbouring Kenya, where people and  wildlife are increasingly living side by side. Residents have responded by launching vigilante operations against the felines.  In 2012, people living near the Kenyan capital Nairobi used spears to kill six lions and a cub that attacked goats in a nearby village after wandering out of a national park.  

Though lions come into conflict with humans, they are also part of a rich local wildlife that draws hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and is essential to the local economy. (AFP)