11 Unexpected Visitor Out On His Balcony Discovered by Guy

11 Unexpected Visitor Out On His Balcony Discovered by Guy

These kinds of ducks are native to Mexico, Central, and South America, but small populations have moved up into the United States. After some exploration, they noticed that the duck wasn’t alone.

She was getting ready to start a family.

momma duck laid her eggs in the large clay pot she was seen hanging out in
amazing bird nest
She slowly added to the numbers
bird nest pictures
Take your time, momma
Bird nest photos
Soon, she laid the eggs for the entire brood
Bird nest types
Now it was time to wait
Bird nest amazing places
It’s time
weird bird nest
Welcome to the world little duckies
Bird nest pics
It took a little while for all of the ducklings to hatch, and two eggs were left behind
Bird nest gallery
After about a month of sitting on the ducklings, it was time to go.
Bird nest images
Mother duck flew down to the parking lot below and called her little ducklings down to her.

To get down, the ducklings had to jump and fall about three stories, but thankfully they were all okay. One by one, the nine babies joined their mother and were ready for life’s big adventure! If you ever find an egg in your flowerpot, get ready, you might be about to witness something adorable.

Source: viralnova