Karachi’s Forgotten Bhit

Bhit Island appears to be a forgotten piece of land in the vastness of Karachi due to its small population size of just about 12,000–13,000 people. karachi pakistanIt suffers from lack of representation which seems to have eroded plans to improve mobility around the island. Prior to this trip, I had not heard much about this island or its community. In a bid to venture out of the cosmopolitan craziness of Karachi, I accompanied my friend on his trip with his company, to inaugurate the computers they had installed at Bhit Island School.

karachi pakistanBhit island, which is only accessible by the waters, looked like a frail piece of land in need of support for the promise of its future. I was fortunate to be part of a project that helped students at the school improve their learning experience. Interestingly, it was also an experience for me to see another side of Karachi and to have a lot more to remember it for. -Dawn