10 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug

I’m a travel photo junkie. I can spend hours browsing photography sites and social media sites looking for the travel photo that will inspire me next.

Below are 10 of my favorite travel photos from the last 4-5 years. Each photographer is linked if you want to learn more about them. If you are new to this blog, you can learn about us and this website here. Enjoy the pictures!

1. Salar De Uyuni – Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni

2. Dhammakaya Temple – Thailand

Dhammakaya Temple

3. Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

4. Fog – Vancouver, Canada

Fog Vancouver, Canada

5. Behind A Waterfall – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Behind A Waterfall

6. Baseball In The Streets – Havana, Cuba

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Baseball In The Streets

7. Climbing The Great Pyramid (Illegally) – Giza, Egypt

Climbing The Great Pyramid

8. Urban Climbing In Dubai (Same Crazy Guys As Above) – Dubai, UAE

Urban Climbing In Dubai

9. Preacher’s Pulpit – Preikestolen, Norway

Preacher’s Pulpit Preikestolen, Norway

10. Canals Of Color – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canals Of Color Amsterdam, Netherlands