12 Epic Of Pictures New Zealand, Home Of “Middle-Earth”

Long roads of New Zealand
Long roads of New Zealand. No part of the country is more than 128km (79 miles) from the sea. Photo by: Trey Ratcliff
Colorful sunrise
Colorful sunrise over Tunnel beach. About one third of the country is protected national park. Photo by: James McGregor
Sphere Rocks
Sphere Rocks also known as Moeraki Boulders is a phenomenon, a formations created by hardening sea sediment – that have been exposed through sea erosion. Photo by: unknown
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo is the second-largest of three roughly parallel lakes of the Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New Zealand. Photo by: Pichugin Dmitry
Wanaka river
Wanaka river from above. New Zealand is one of the only countries to have two national anthems- God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand. Photo by: Pedro Pimentel
Windswept Trees
Windswept Trees in the Brute Slope Point, New Zealand. The southernmost point of beautiful New Zealand mainly is used for sheep herding. Photo by: Ben Seabird
Mermaid Pools
Mermaid Pools at Matapouri Bay, perfect for safe swimming and family exploring. A favourite getaway holiday destination. Photo by: Chris Gin
City of Queenstown
City of Queenstown has a resident population of about 18,000 and welcomes more than 100 times that number (1.89 million) visitors per year. Photo by: Photo by: Elia Locardi
Wolves at The Hills
“The Wolves at The Hills”, sculptures around Queenstown. Photo by: Trey Ratcliff
 filming of these
Home Of Adventures, Hobbiton. The filming of these movies pumped around $200 million into the country’s economy. The New Zealand government even created a Minister for Lord of the Rings, to ensure the most money could be made from the film. Photo by: Hrund Thorsdottir
Sculpture that looks like a cartoon, New Zealand. Photo by: Gibbs Farms
Milky way over New Zealand
Milky way over New Zealand mountains. Photo by: Jay Daley