Karachi-The Economic Hub of Pakistan

Karachi-The Economic Hub of Pakistan


Pakistan is a wonderful country having dynamic natured cities. Some cities are famous for their natural looks, some are well known for their deserts and coasts and some are worldly known for their festivities and good economic opportunities. Karachi is one of them.

Karachi is one of big cities of Pakistan having tall buildings, good number of trees, beautiful parks and the one and only beach. Karachi is a sunny city having dump weather in general through out the year. Its temperature goes severe in summers and in winters it quite good to stay well. Karachi is famous for its economic activities. The state bank of Pakistan and Karachi stock exchange are one of the examples of economic significance of Karachi. Karachi has 2 billion populations as recorded in newly researches.

Karachi shops and markets are famous all around the Pakistan for Best loans and accessories. You can see various varieties of top quality loans in Karachi on very pleasing prices. People all around Pakistan and world visit Karachi for its top quality loans on good prices. Karachi has a wonderful see side sun set views. It’s called Sea view. People on different occasion visit this beautiful beach for enjoyment and refreshment. You can experience a camel ride on beach here in Karachi. Karachi has some good parks also. They are well decorated and furnished for people’s amusement.

This amazing alive city is also known as “city of lights” due to its festivities and showbiz activities. Yes, Karachi has main contribution in Pakistan’s show biz scene. Many actors and actresses belong to Karachi and many hit past and present dramas are produced from here. More over Karachi has the privilege that today’s big media has many offices in Karachi which adds more importance to the Karachi city.

Many fashion shows and award events are also launched in Karachi every year. This city which is also known as “Quaid’s city” is classic in history. This is the city where father of the nation Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (RA) was born. This city also has the privilege of holding Quaid’s tomb known as “Mazar-e-Quaid”. On special days of national importance like 23rd march and 6th September and day of birth and death of Quaid the tomb is visited and offered Fatiha by Public and high government officials. Karachi has historic looking sindh Assembly building and governor house. Karachi is one the best place to visit and have a good trip. It’s worth seeing.