Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain

If you have a crazily adventurous soul and like to venture out every now and then, Tianmen Mountain is a place to be. Dare your nerves by travelling on the giddy glass-bottomed skywalk 4700 feet high.

Situated in Hunan Province, Tianmen Mountain is one of the most famous tourist places in the world. Its popularity mainly lies in the extent of risk and adventurism related to it. In fact, it attracts experienced trekkers and daredevils from all over China and around the world who find this extreme adventure just another challenge.

Simple tourists, however, shiver as they think of the glass floor. Praying for their life, they walk shell-shocked over the skywalk fearing a sudden fall every minute.Tianmen Mountain is located 4980 ft above sea level in Tianmen Mountain National Park, China. The mountain top can be reached through a long winding road transporting tourists through buses and cable cars. Once you near the top, you can visit the much popular Tianmen Cave situated 431 ft high.

Tianmen cave is known for the natural hole that can be seen once you climb up 999 steps. The huge cave appears to be a giant stone gaping at the sky.The Tianmen Temple is another tourist attraction that is located high above in the skies. It is a relaxing place where you can offer prayers or just stroll around for leisure and relaxation. The paths and treks are miles long giving you the perfect chance to savor the scented aura of the place and breathe in its exotic freshness.

The Tianmen Skywalk is a 200 ft long glass floor lodged precariously up a cliff and gives tourists a cold shiver down their spine as they tread it gingerly. Some thrillers, however, find this sky walk an unparallel experience to view the peaks of surrounding smaller mountains. The giddy skywalk leaves the visitors dizzy as walk wobbly, peering scarily at the lush green mountain carpet. The sightseers are advised to wear overshoes as they cross the skywalk. – Saira Zulfiqar