Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali

NathiaGali TravelNathiaGali is situated an hour away from Murree, it is a hill resort known for its scenic beauty and trekking. NathiaGali is a great place for a holiday especially in the snowfall. NathiaGali travel is very easy.

NathiaGali is a hill resort near Islamabad and only an hour’s drive from Murree. It is a hill station which is known for its beauty in both winter and summer. In summers you will get to see pine and oak trees and lush green grass adding to the beauty of NathiaGali. The mountains in NathiaGali are great for trekking. People who are adventurous can attempt to start trekking from the Governor House till Miranjani Hill which is the tallest in that area and the height is 2960 meters.

There are a lot of places to visit such as the Governor House, old churches and different picnic spots. NathiaGaliis famous among tourists from the entire country and foreigners as well. Many places in NathiaGali will remind of the British Rule because this used to be their summer resort during the British Raj.

NathiaGali is also a great station in the snowfall season. It is covered with snow entirely and adds to its scenic beauty. One can plan a trip and take their kids where you can make a snowman and have a snow fight. Even a daytrip to experience snow fall can be done if you are based in Islamabad. The mountainous terrain of NathiaGali is fully covered with snow in winters.

NathiaGali travel is very easy. You can either plan a day trip or on a weekend. In order to reach NathiaGali you have to reach Islamabad first. From there you can either use your own vehicle or a local transport or reach Murree; from there it is 35 km. NathiaGali offers a great amount of hotels and motels for tourists. These hotels and motels are fully equipped with all accommodation facilities. Some of the most famous ones are Elite Hotel and Green Retreat. The rates of these hotels become very high during the summer because it is the peak season.