Hunza Lake

Hunza Lake

Hunza LakeHunza Lake is actually like a life of Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza Lake represents the picture of beautiful Pakistan. Read some information about this marvelous place of beautiful Pakistan.

Hunza Lake is one of the most marvelous & scenic place of beautiful Pakistan. Hunza Lake is also known as Attabad Lake of our beautiful Pakistan. Hunza Lake is situated in Northern areas of Pakistan & actually shows the picture of Pakistan. It is part of beautiful Pakistan’s area Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza Valley can be rewarded as mountainous Kingdom.

Location of Hunza Lake:

Hunza Lake connects china’s region Xinjiang through Karakoram.  It connects the Afghanistan to the northwest. Hunza Lake is joined by Gilgit River and the Naltar River.Eternally it connects villages of beautiful Pakistan.

Temperature of Hunza Lake:

The maximum temperature of Hunza Lake is 27 degree centigrade in the month of May & June, say in the peak of summers. While minimum is -10 degree centigrade. If you are planning to visit this beautiful Pakistan’s heavenly Hunza Lake then the best time is generally from May to October, because in the other months Hunza Lake is blocked by snow.

The language of Hunza is Burushaski, whereas Wakhi & Shina are also spoken by Hunza’s People. English & Urdu are also widely understood by Hunza People. Dry fruits like dried apricots, Walnuts Mulberry, Almonds etc are very famous. People don’t have refrigerator so they eat dry meat.

Hunza Lake is very popular among tourists. Tourists must visit and think that it is a heaven in the world.

Landslide Crisis in Hunza Lake:

Unfortunately Hunza Lake was badly affected by natural disaster in 2010.  The landslide killed 20 people from villages near Hunza Lake. This landslide affected Hunza Valley 19 Kilometers east of Hunza and 109 norths east of Gilgit. This landslide created a dam with height of 130 to 200 meters. Karakoram Highway was blocked by this slide. The mobilization and frontier works organization worked hard and put in all efforts to make a way, they successfully completed the task till 18the of May 2010.

Hunza Lake is surrounded by fantabulous snow capped mountains shows the stunning pictures of Pakistan. These mountains are of mud rather tan of rocks. Hunza Lake is fed by glaciers & flowers fall into the river. There are a lot of beautiful trees shuddering Hunza Lake. After entering Hunza World it gives the feel of heaven.Proud to be a Pakistani. God Bless Our Beautiful Pakistan. – Nadia Rafiq