Qila Rohtas

Rohtas Fort (Qila Rohtas) is a significant spot in Pakistan covering an influential stretch over its land. It is a gigantic landmark that was constructed by the great Afghan king Sher Shah Suri. Today it is serving as a beautiful historical architectural monument attracting number of visits to its grandeur.Rohtas Fort is situated at about 16 km North West of Jhelum, the District of Punjab near the small town of Dina. The fort was constructed at 300 feet height than its surroundings and is 2660 feet above sea level. It covers an area of 12.63 acres and was built for military purposes.

Sher Shah Suri built this strong fort in 1541 to prevent Emperor Humayun’s return to India after defeating him in Kanauj Battle and also wanted to restrain the Gakhars who were allies of Humayun. Sher Shah Suri called the help of Janjua Rajput tribe to construct Rohtas Fort to stop Gakhars. Due to its remarkable construction, it could never get assaulted and is there as it is with some parts ruined due to time span and negligence.Qila Rohtas contains 12 gates and three baolis: Main Baoli, Shahi Baoli and Sar Gate Baoli.  Other than gates and baolis, there was built Haveli Man Singh later between 1550 and 1614 and Rani Mahal too. Shahi Masjid was constructed near Kabuli gate that is the most decorated part of the Qila whose stairs directly lead from courtyard of the masjid to the top of Kabuli Gate in case of enemy assault.

The construction pattern of Rohtas Fort is a successful amalgamation of Afghan-Persian architectural style. There also exist some hindu architectural elements such as in Haveli Man Singh, in Balconies on Sohail Gate and on walls of Shahi Masjid. From the construction to decorative features, land stretch to field-all the factors making up Rohtas Fort speak of its magnificence till today that after reflected the artful work in various Mughal Empires.Due to its unbeatable strength and architecture, Qila Rohtas was acknowledged in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1997. –

Lubna Khalil