PIA flight brings back stranded pilgrims from Jeddah

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According to details, Pakistani pilgrims were scheduled to return on August 27 from Jeddah through a Saudi Airlines after performing Umrah. However, flights were delayed from Jeddah to different other countries due to protest and violence by pilgrims from Egypt and Algeria at the Shah Abdul Aziz Airport.
The flight of Pakistani Umrah pilgrims was also delayed and these Pakistanis were stranded at the airport for the past five days.Pakistan International Airlines arranged special flights to bring back stranded Pakistanis from Jeddah. The first special flight reached Islamabad from Jeddah with 132 pilgrims. The pilgrims informed media at the Islamabad Airport that PIA officials at Shah Abdul Aziz Airport did not cooperate with the Pakistani pilgrims and they did not provide any information regarding flight schedule.The pilgrims blamed that they suffered the hardships due to mismanagement of PIA staff at Jeddah Airport and they were not able to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with their families.