Media team visits world’s highest observatory in Shanghai

SHANGHAI: Pakistani media delegation on the second day of their visit to Shanghai, the industrial hub of China during their tour regarding 60 years celebration of Pak-China friendship and China river civilisation visited several places of the City. Delegation alongwith China Radio International (CRI) team went to silk museum where they were informed about different methods of preparing silk.Many of the varieties of the silk were shown to the media persons. As Shanghai is industrial hub of China, it was learnt that some 7,400 foreigners are living here while many of them Europeans are also seen roaming on the roads of Shanghai.

Expo exhibition in Shanghai in 2010 also helped in enhancing the value of it in the entire world.Political value of Shanghai cannot be ignored as Shanghai Association conferences are held here and many of the countries participate in it like recently President Asif Ali Zardari joined the session of a conference.The Pak media delegation also visited Shanghai television center where after sharing info with the high officials of the center, the delegation was shown different sections and blocks of it.

Later, media persons went to Shanghai world financial center named observatory that was certified by Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s highest observatory in 2009.In 2008 council on tall buildings and urban habitat awarded it the world’s tallest building in the capacity of highest occupied floors and height at the top of the roof.It was told to the media persons that it is 492 meters highest observatory and the only one in China.It is China’s biggest one and ranked as no 2 highest one in Asia. Spanning 55m and located 474m above the ground the sky walk 100 is the world’s highest observatory, walking on the transparent glass floor walkway; visitors experience the feel that Shanghai lies beneath.

Like a bridge across the sky, the sky walks make people feel that they are walking in the sky.The open designed glass roofs help visitors to breathe in the fresh air and reach the sky but people having height phobia cannot walk on it.The people of Shanghai are of the view that Shanghai City was helping to make China’s economy much stronger as it had became an industrial hub and center for entire world.Economic growth and China’s development in various fields of life like horticulture and their infrastructure had made people amazed. – Nation