Swedish honeymoon couple experience seven natural disasters

The honeymooning couple from Sweden have experienced seven disasters during their travel.There have been many natural disasters in the world in the last few months and a honeymooning couple from Sweden have experienced seven of them.It started with a snow storm in Germany that slowed them down for a night. They had to spend the night there.

Then it was the bush fires in Perth and also they had the monsoon and the storm in Bali, Indonesia said the couple And then They ended up in Cairns, in Queensland in Australia and experienced the cyclone yasi which was of course was the biggest cyclone they had had in ages and they were evacuated for 24 hours in a shopping mall together with 2,500 others sleeping on a concrete floor and the power went out in the middle of the night.So that was a different experience on a honeymoon.” said Erika.And then we moved onto the flight for New Zealand and my mother called when we were on the airplane turning off the phones. Are you alive? Where are you? Are you in the earthquake area? What? So she just told us that we were heading towards new earthquake areas in New Zealand and we ended up with the earthquake in Tokyo Japan then. And we also came to Brisbane, Australia, driving after the flooding. That s a short of what happened”, she concluded. – Dunya