Gujarat opens 16 beaches for private resorts

GANDHINAGAR: The various virgin beaches dotting the state’s 1600-km coastline have been luring tourists. But, non-existent infrastructure leaves most heartbroken.High on the advertisement blitzkrieg spearheaded by Amitabh Bachchan, the state’s new tourism ambassador, the Gujarat government has put beach development plan on a fast track.

To begin with, the state government has set aside prime land, complete with survey numbers and ownership details, overlooking 16 beaches to attract resort projects. Of the beaches identified, two are in Kutch, four in south Gujarat and 10 in Saurashtra.”The land will be acquired and handed over to private players wanting to invest in resorts along the beaches,” said a senior government official. While officials refused to divulge the total area identified by it for developing resorts, one resort would need approximately one hectare land. “We want about 100 resorts to come up.

On an average, half-a-dozen resorts, apart from shops and other facilities, can come up along each beach – TOI